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Engaging Customers

Improve your customer retention and spend

Engage and reward your consumers with our cloud based rewards and recognition loyalty programmes. Our solution is equally effective for high street retailers, online businesses and product manufacturers.

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Loyalty programmes for high street and online retailers

Need an affordable loyalty programme that works across multiple locations with physical outlets and an online presence? Loyalty Bus provides you with a comprehensive offer as well as a positive ROI.

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Build relationships with your end consumer even without your own physical retail presence

We help product manufacturers reach out to their consumers to build relationships and brand sales. If you sell through a multi-brand retailer or distributor our Brand Rewards incentive programme is for you.

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Get to know your customers individually.....

.....using our easy to use but comprehensive integrated reporting and analytics system. Insight into your customers purchasing behaviour and preferences will allow you to drive relevant communication and promotional offers to consumers increasing sales and loyalty.

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Our Programmes

The Loyalty Bus platform has the flexibility to offer a wide range of loyalty programmes to any type or size of business.  We have listed below some of the more common programmes that tend to meet the needs of most clients.  However, if you have something in mind that is not covered here then do contact us to see how we can help you.


Traditional Points Programme

Points-based Programmes are the workhorses of customer loyalty.  You have the flexibility to define how many points your customers get based on how much they spend, how many points are needed for each reward, and even specify promotions that can add a certain number of points.


Money off Programme

Customer’s value “money off” offers and so do our clients as these offers incentivise customers go come back to the shop.  Like the Traditional Points Programme you can specify how many points your customers earn based on their spend and how many points are needed to get money off their next purchase.


Brand Engagement Programme

This programme lets you reward your customers based on the number of purchases from a given brand, product line or service. Customers earn points for each product they purchase and can later redeem the accumulated points against products within the brand range.


Discount Card Programme

Want to increase sales from each and every customer? Run a simple discount card scheme where customers get a fixed percentage off their purchases.  Use this programme to record how much customers actually spend with you and how often they come to your shop so you can measure the programme effectiveness over time.


Gift Card

Used to track expenditure against gift cards, this programme allows you to add and deduct money from a customer’s virtual account. Once loaded a pre-defined amount, the programme will track usage by cardholders until the balance is spent.


Marketing Services

Running a loyalty programme provides the basis for a strong relationship with your customers. However, to fully engage with them and build the relationship, it is advisable to periodically communicate relevant offers and information about your products and services.  To this end Loyalty Bus offers a targeted marketing service to help you engage and create a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers.

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Loyalty Bus API

Using our easy connect API online shops or other business systems can be seamlessly connected to the Loyalty Bus platform enabling a fully integrated loyalty service.  Run the same loyalty program across your high street shop and e-commerce presence or integrate to your accounting system to trigger points earning based on the actual purchases your businesses customers make.


Data Protection

The Loyalty Bus platform and associated services have been designed to comply with current UK and EU data protection laws. We ensure explicit consumer consent (opt-in) for any email or sms marketing campaigns and we do not use online analytics data to drive marketing activities.



We believe that security is a culture and not a system in other words you can have the most secure safe in the world to protect your valuables but if you leave the door open the bad guys will get in anyway. We have built in many passive security features (password obfuscation, encryption, firewalls, fraud detection etc.) and as few active security features (double entry information, CAPTCHA etc.) as possible. You can be sure that all customer and business transaction data is stored securely and transferred securely.


Backup & Recovery

The Loyalty Bus application is run on our dedicated servers which are hosted in a state of the art data centre (used for mission critical applications like telecoms or financial systems).  We have a managed backup strategy and maintain a fully operational disaster recovery plan ensuring that in the unlikely event of a catastrophic event causing our service to go down we can recover in a matter of minutes or hours rather than days.




What our customers say

“For several months I attempted to find a bespoke service that would offer us a robust and versatile customer loyalty program for our business. The team at Loyalty Bus has delivered everything they promised and set out to do, with incredible attention to detail combined with a personable and practical approach to developing the system to suit our needs. We are genuinely excited about our new loyalty program and the opportunities to develop it further, with the help and willing assistance from the team at Loyalty Bus. I cannot recommend their services highly enough and would like to thank them for all of their efforts to date.”

Paul, Music shop


“Great loyalty program. Well thought through with the communications”

Giles, cardholder






Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Relevant – for consumers

Simple – for system users

Affordable – for businesses

Contact Details

Contact Details

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Request a Demo

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