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Engaging Customers

Improve your customer retention and spend

Engage and reward your consumers with our cloud based rewards and recognition loyalty programmes. Our solution is equally effective for high street retailers, online businesses and product manufacturers.

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Loyalty programmes for high street and online retailers

Need an affordable loyalty programme that works across multiple locations with physical outlets and an online presence? Loyalty Bus provides you with a comprehensive offer as well as a positive ROI.

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Build relationships with your end consumer even without your own physical retail presence

We help product manufacturers reach out to their consumers to build relationships and brand sales. If you sell through a multi-brand retailer or distributor our Brand Rewards incentive programme is for you.

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Get to know your customers individually.....

.....using our easy to use but comprehensive integrated reporting and analytics system. Insight into your customers purchasing behaviour and preferences will allow you to drive relevant communication and promotional offers to consumers increasing sales and loyalty.

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Brand Rewards

Are you a consumer or product brand owner?  We have the rewards solution that will allow you to get insight into the purchasing behaviour of your end users or consumers.  Run one of our programmes and start engaging your customers today.


What type of companies would benefit from Brand Rewards?

Our Brand Rewards programme works equally well for both business to business products and consumer brands. Our solution can be fully customized especially for your business.

If you sell your product through retailers or a network of distributors, it is likely that you don’t know as much as you would like about your ultimate consumer. Brand rewards will enable you to get to know them extremely well!

Brand Rewards helps you to reach out to your consumers to allow you to build relationships and sales.


What type of information can I discover?

  • Exactly who is buying your products
  • Where the customer buys your products
  • Frequency of purchase
  • Level of spend across your product range


What is Brand Rewards?

Brand Rewards is a cloud based loyalty programme that allows you to engage and reward consumers of your products. The ultimate result is lasting relationships with your consumers and increased sales. It offers a high degree of flexibility to accommodate your specific requirements. It provides reporting and analytics of consumer activity to allow you to build a picture of your end users and develop personalised marketing plans.


How does it work?

We use unique reference numbers (called unique codes or URN’s) either printed on the product packaging or in a sticker placed on the packaging. Your consumers are able to earn points for their purchases that they can later redeem for rewards or other promotional offers. They do this by entering the codes via the Brand Rewards portal on their mobile device or computer.

Loyalty Bus provides the platform to generate the unique codes and manage code redemption seamlessly through your brand or business website.  By ensuring that all redemption is handled through one platform you can build up a profile of your customers and get insight into their purchase behaviour allowing you to communicate with your customer to build brand loyalty and sales.

Our programme ensures that you only record transactions from genuine purchasers of your products.


How do customers redeem the points?

It is extremely simple for your consumers to use.

They simply go to your website and log onto their Brand Rewards account. Within this area of your website they can see their purchases and the number of points they have earned. This is also a great place for you to add marketing messages.   The interface on your website blends perfectly with the rest of your pages reinforcing your branding.


What are the advantages of using Brand Rewards?

  • You can build up a picture of your consumer base over time allowing you better targeting for your marketing activity
  • Your marketing activity can centre around talking directly to those consumers who have already bought thereby creating high levels of loyalty, increased sales over longer periods of time
  • You can develop a one on one relationship with consumers easily and cost effectively
  • Brand Rewards also allows you to attract new consumers
  • All of your communication to your consumers is highly relevant to their purchasing patterns. This ensures that your communication is given more attention because there is always something pertinent
  • Contented consumers become brand ambassadors further promoting your brand


Is it easy to use?

Using our simple web-based interface you can easily create and manage a customised loyalty programme for your business. It’s designed so you can be up and running with minimal training and help is only a call or click away.


How can I create on going sales?

Running a loyalty programme provides the basis for a strong relationship with your customers. To fully engage with them, however, and to maximize your investment in your loyalty programme, you will need to periodically communicate relevant offers and information about your businesses products and services.  Loyalty Bus offers a targeted marketing service to help you engage and create lasting relationships with your customers and increased sales for your business.

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How much does it cost?

We charge initial set up fees based on your brief. There are also monthly subscription fees based on the number of customer accounts we are managing.  The fees cover transactional emails, reporting and also support. Standard platform enhancements are also covered within the fees.


The Next Step

Contact us and we will have an initial conversation to understand your outline brief. We will then set up a meeting with you to flesh out the brief, learn about your business and really get to know what you are trying to achieve.

You will receive a proposal from us and once we have your approval we will get down to business!

We will design a Brand Rewards Programme for you including an ongoing marketing plan and the integration of the loyalty portal with your website.


Unique Codes

Low cost, easy to implement code feeding and management using the Loyalty bus easy connect API

Proof of Purchase

Ensure you only record transactions from genuine purchasers of your products

Know your customer

Gain actual purchase data and insight into the users of your products or brand

Create sales

Build one-to-one relationships with your brands users through relevant communication based on their purchase behaviour



Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Relevant – for consumers

Simple – for system users

Affordable – for businesses

Contact Details

Contact Details

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